Every week there seems to be a new workplace innovation to increase workplace productivity and make our offices more ‘dynamic.’ One of these innovations that have stood the test of time is the standing desk, with many workplaces adopting them for meetings and as standing desk hubs for those that want to work while upwardly mobile. So what’s the big deal about standing desks? Here are the top 7 benefits to using a standing desk at work.

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They Are Good For Your Posture

If you work in an office, chances are you spend up to 7 hours a day or more sitting down. This can put a strain on your neck and back, especially if you have poor posture. Working from a standing desk forces us to stand in an upright position without slouching, preventing that pesky neck and back pain you get from sitting still for too long, an essential health benefit.

There Are Health Benefits

All sorts of studies have been carried out on the benefits of using a standing desk, from encouraging increased blood flow to reducing the chances of heart disease or even diabetes. It’s all tied up with being on the move rather than being stuck at your desk 24/7.

It Encourages Us To Exercise

Working at a stand-up desk encourages us to get up and move around, effectively spending more time on our feet than sitting still. As you’re moving way more muscles than you would when sitting still for hours at a time, you’re effectively exercising and ensuring health benefits without having to invest much effort.

It Makes A Change To Our Working Day

If you’re bored at work, making small changes to your working day, like moving around every hour for at least five minutes, can make a significant change to your mindset. Working from a different location on your feet can help you shift perspective as you’re not staring at the same patch of wall or back of someone’s head every day.

We Can Maximize Our Productivity

Sitting down all day can make us just that little bit too comfortable, and we might tend to stay past our working hours to get the job done. Working from a stand-up desk increases productivity and helps you work towards getting all your tasks done within your 9-5, helping work-life balance to boot.

You Will Be More Creative

Stand-up desks encourage blood flow, increasing blood to the brain, and making you more creative. You’ll be more likely to come up with better ideas at work, which will make your job more enjoyable as a bonus, and improve your mental wellbeing too, as you’ll feel more fulfilled.

Meetings Are Shorter

Have you ever sat in a meeting that went 30 minutes over the allocated time? Well, standing desks mean that people get less comfortable and are less likely to pontificate over points for hours at a time.

Standing desks can make your working day pass faster, more productively, and cut out stuffy meetings. They also improve posture and have added health benefits to boot. There are on the rise in offices, so you’ll probably have one coming to you this 2020.