I’ve had 7 client all forward me this “scary email” this morning from Google. In short, don’t panic.

Don’t worry about this email… It looks scary when something may be removed, but if you don’t use you can ignore it.

On August 31, 2020, the public G Suite Domain Contact page for your organization will be removed with no replacement.

The email looks like this:

Google Contact Page - Fwd-Action-Required-Remove-internal-links-to-the-G-Suite-Domain-Contact-page-for-your-organization-matt-impelr-com-Impelr-Mail

Response from Google Support:

Google Cloud Support: The email refers to the deprecation of an outdated feature we had for you to submit feedback to us about your domain. Since we now have other means for you to submit that feedback (i.e. this support chat) we are removing the feature.We just emailed that in order to inform the customers that were using it, that it will be removed If you didn’t know it existed, you can just disregard the email.