If you’re anything like me, you have a certain number of emails that are always going to be in your inbox every morning like clockwork. These email subscriptions could be anything from general newsletter, ecommerce discounts, and general social media notifications. I usually run through them quickly because it’s the same shit every time: “10% OFF THIS CRAP! BUY BUY BUY!

I’m pretty good about weeding out subscriptions (or so I thought). Scroll to the bottom, find the unsubscribe link and hopefully that’s it. Some subscriptions make you go through numerous steps and unchecking boxes, which is the worst. Well I finally found the best solutions to clean everything up in a fun, easy way.

At Hustle Con East, I had the pleasure of hearing the story for and his company Unroll.me. You’re probably thinking there are plenty of tools to control subscriptions and you’re right, but nothing like this. Unroll.me will show you all your email subscriptions (which can be scary) and then allow you to go through a swipe left, swipe right, and swipe up feature to control what you’d like to do specifically with that subscription. You’re probably thinking there should only be two options Subscribe/Unsubscribe, but that’s what makes Unroll.me so cool.

  • Swipe Left = Unsubscribe
  • Swipe Right = Keep Active
  • Swipe Up = Add to Roll Up

The roll up feature is genius because it combines certain emails that you want all rolled up into one single email. That is correct… You can bundle however many email subscriptions into one single email to still see all of it, but in a much cleaner, organized format.

I personally had 148 subscriptions (!!!), which was actually small compared to other friends who tried this with me. I was able to clean up my inbox in the matter of minutes and I wish I knew about this app sooner, but that’s why I want to share it with you!

Download it and give it a try! You’ll thank me later, I promise.