Either you’re just getting started in the web design industry or simply need a friendly reminder, these are 7 things that are good to keep in mind when working on a new web development project or in the industry in general:

1. Start on paper

Creatives across the world know it, yet web designers often make the mistake of designing on screen. Do yourself a favor; let paper get your design juices flowing first!

2. Keep it simple

Otherwise known as KIS, keeping it simple is a design fundamental. Success here isn’t about flowery designs. It’s about block colors, stark images, and conveying information.

3. Mobile matters

If you don’t want to face major HTML rehauls, it’s vital to note that mobile matters. Over 55% of web traffic comes this way, so integrate as you go to make life easier!

4. The rule of threes

Three images, three fonts, and three colors. It’s a basic concept that simplifies the web design process no end. More importantly, it takes the pain out of your job as designer.

web design - Boston Web Design 1 scaled

5. White space works

Wearing yourself down trying to fill every white space on your website? Forget it. White space works. In fact, white space utilized well can be most effective of all. Learn to use it, rather than fear it.

6. You don’t have to do it all alone

Seems simple, but countless designers don’t realize this. Forget slaving over every aspect of design. Outsourcing SEO, design tech, and even content creation can make your job SO much easier.

7. You never stop learning

because web design never stops developing. Seriously; if your skills have been static for a while, you probably haven’t been doing it right.