Many of these trends are already in motion and you probably use them daily, but here are some web design and digital marketing trends to keep and eye on here in 2020!

1. Live Chat – Web design this year is all about interactivity, and live chat features play a huge part in showing customers you care where it matters.

2. SVG Images – Two-dimensional scalable vector images support the interactivity and animation that the vast majority of modern audiences are looking for right now.

3. Adaptability – If you aren’t on top with mobile adaptability then you can kiss goodbye to modern audiences. Responsive designs created using Headless CMS and similar are the only way to stay on top this year.

4. Single page applications – Forget long-winded web waits; single page applications rewrite the current page for ease and fast-loading always.

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5. AI – Artificial intelligence is everywhere, web design included. Most notably, artificial design intelligence tools (ADIs) are changing design processes as we know them.

6. Push notifications – Catching customer attention is the name of this game, and the integration of push notifications can help designers do just that.

7. Motion UI – Animation created through the use of a Motion UI Sass library are big news. These include hovers, animated charts, and background animations.

8. Photo illustrations – Photo illustrations, where graphics mix with images, are quickly arising as one of the most striking designs of the time.

9. Algorithmic design – Algorithmic intelligence tools are making it easier than ever to design websites with consumer priorities in mind.

10. Speculative design – looking at the what-ifs and future possibilities of design, speculative designs are quickly becoming essential in a world where the design landscape is changing all the time.